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Our Holy Mission

Asho Academy is a top class Quran Academy with prospective offshore offices; we focus on the goals of making the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW true which says that “the best Muslims are those who read and teach Quran”. That is the mission of Asho Academy to bring together an excellent online program to teach Quran to the world community and students so that they can make it a habit in daily lives to read and comply with the message of Allah Subhana wa Tala.

With best Qaris and tutors, our professionals with lots of years of experience make it easier for the students to read and learn Quran. Sooner they will be able to include Quran into their daily lives and recite it with clarity and deeper interest, that way, Asho Academy will achieve the goal of changing the lives of people worldwide through holy mission of spreading Quran’s message.

why choose us

Quran Reading is Essential for Everyone including Kids

A Quran Online teacher can become a huge blessing for your entire family; when your child is struggling with words and cannot read through the sentences correctly, busy parents feel frustrated because they cannot give proper attention and time to the child to improve their skills. As a result, your child develops a weak ability to understand Islamic teachings that the Quran provides to every human being. They make low progress in their personal lives and do not excel as scholars or students as well. Quran is the best source of guidance on planet earth which serves as a shining light for the people of all races and color. Therefore Quran reading is beneficial for all the humanity regardless of their religion.

why choose us

Competent Quran Teacher For your Kids

The goal of Asho Quran Academy is to sincerely bring the teachings of Allah and Quran into your life and the life of your entire family; Allah SWT listens to prayers when they are done sincerely after the recitation of Quran. He warns us about the sin and wrong path in life that can lead to disaster in the present and afterlife. If you want your child to become a leader, a successful mentor, a phenomenal engineer or a life-saving doctor, the necessary thing to do is to instill the Quranic messages into his mind and help them learn Quran effectively; our online Quran Classes are designed for this important purpose.